The Guinness World Record certificate is officially awarded to Ghana's 1-year-old Ace Liam

Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah, a one-year-old child from Accra, Ghana, has become famous as the youngest male painter worldwide.

He accomplished this outstanding goal when he was merely one year and 152 days old. People are amazed by the little guy's wonderful ability.

We joyfully share that Ace-Liam's tremendous success has been confirmed through an authentic Guinness World Record certificate. To reach this historical mark, he worked hard on a special painting project in Accra between January 18 and January 20, 2024. Many people heard about this fantastic event.

Earlier, another kid named Dante Lamb had the record since he created artwork at three years old in 2003. But now, Ace-Liam stands out because of his impressive skills at a much younger age.

Before getting the honorable award, Ace-Liam's mom praised his creative talents in a chat with the BBC. She feels so happy about how skillful her little one is already and loves watching him make lovely pictures. Hoping to see her son grow up to be a big name in arts, she wishes him continued growth and success.

Now, while everyone celebrates Ace-Liam's awesome victory, remember there are hidden talents inside every person - no matter their size or age. Hurray for Ace-Liam, and here's hoping for many more achievements like this one!


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