School Clash Fallout: Over 70 Students Sent Home Amidst Koforidua Sec Tech vs. New Juaben SHS Feud

In a recent unfortunate incident at Koforidua Secondary Technical School (Koforidua Sec Tech) in Ghana, over 70 students have been asked to leave the premises along with their belongings. This decision comes in the aftermath of a violent clash between Koforidua Sec Tech and New Juaben Senior High School (New Juaben SHS). 

After conducting a thorough investigation, the Ghana Police Service discovered that more than 40 students from Koforidua Sec Tech were involved in vandalizing New Juaben SHS properties. Shockingly, these students confessed to their actions and revealed the names of other participants. Consequently, the Ghana Education Service (GES) issued a directive, specifying the consequences for the students involved.

According to the GES, any Senior High School 3 (SHS 3) student who engaged in the destructive activities at New Juaben SHS would be expelled from Koforidua Sec Tech. However, they would still be permitted to take their final exams, known as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), under specific conditions. These conditions include paying a fine of 2000 Ghana cedis for the damages caused and being accompanied by a police escort while attending the exams.

For the Senior High School 2 (SHS 2) students involved in the incident, the consequences were even more severe. They have been permanently dismissed from Koforidua Sec Tech, meaning they will not be able to continue their studies at the institution.

The actions taken by the school and education authorities stem from a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and destruction of property. The GES aims to maintain a safe and conducive learning environment for all students, encouraging discipline and responsible behavior. By imposing these strict measures, they intend to send a strong message to deter future acts of violence among students.

The incident and subsequent repercussions serve as a hard lesson for the students involved. The dismissals and expulsions will undoubtedly have a significant impact on their educational journey. While SHS 3 students are given a chance to redeem themselves by writing their final exams, they must bear the financial burden of the damages caused and face the added pressure of a police escort. On the other hand, the SHS 2 students face a complete termination of their education at Koforidua Sec Tech.

The clash between Koforidua Sec Tech and New Juaben SHS has resulted in severe consequences for the students involved. With over 70 students asked to leave the school, including permanent dismissals and expulsions, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining discipline and respect within educational institutions. The GES, through its actions, hopes to create a safer environment for all students and prevent similar incidents in the future.


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