I Was Surprised to Discover My Wife Was a Virgin When I Asked Her Out, Says Akwaboah

In a recent talk on Delay TV, Ghanaian artist Akwaboah talked about rumors related to whether he is married and if he has kids. 

I Was Surprised to Discover My Wife Was a Virgin When I Asked Her Out, Says Akwaboah

He admitted to having kids with many ladies but not getting married to any of them yet. There were earlier stories saying that he left the moms of his youngsters and got hitched to an assumed virgin.

However, Akwaboah mentioned that his actions came from special causes and weren't done carelessly. He accepted his old connections and role as a dad, intending to fix wrong information and present his side.

People reacted differently after hearing what Akwaboah said - some supported him while others kept scolding him. Still, sharing details about one's private business shows the problems famous individuals face when coping with unwanted attention and rumors.

On Delay TV, Akwaboah stated that things might turn out unplanned, like becoming a parent too soon or hoping things will happen in a certain way, but they often don't.

Speaking about his kids with two different females and starting a fresh relationship, he confessed: “It wasn't part of my original plan to become a dad with two separate women and then move on to marry somebody else. Sometimes, though, things occur outside of our control."

As for picking a woman who had no experience with romance instead of other partners, Akwaboah revealed: “She wasn't a beginner when I started seeing her. Later, I learned that she'd never been intimate with anyone before me. It had nothing to do with her being a 'first timer'; I liked her enough to want us together."


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