I asked Wendy Shay to leave RuffTown Records – Bullet

Wendy Shay, a famous Ghanaian singer, has now left the RuffTown Record label after being there for seven years. 

I asked Wendy Shay to leave RuffTown Records – Bullet

Lately, Wendy Shay shared things online that made people guess there were problems between her and RuffTown. Many believed it might be a strategy to promote a new track.

Nevertheless, Bullet, who leads RuffTown, later verified that Wendy Shay no longer belonged to his label and team. 

On a TV show named United Showbiz, Bullet mentioned that he and Wendy Shay argued about another US record company wishing to sign her. Even though Wendy Shay wished to consider the offer, Bullet felt unsure and so opposed it.

Later, because of their argument, Bullet became upset and requested Wendy Shay to quit the label if she wasn't content anymore. Despite feeling sad about splitting up, Bullet recognized Wendy Shay's achievements after separating.

Bullet stated, "Our break-up happened because of me getting mad. If she wants to move forward, I won't stop her." Since Wendy Shay's agreement with RuffTown finished earlier, she had the choice to either join another label or continue alone.


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