Vim Lady defends MzGee over 'sleeping with bosses' claims, citing Ghana's age of consent at 16

Afua Pokua, also called Vim Lady, has talked in support of her co-worker MzGee. Someone named Afia Schwarzenegger claimed that MzGee moved forward in her journalist job by doing special favors for others.

Recently, Afia Schwarzenegger tried to say negative things about MzGee while talking about her conversation with artist Medikal. 

Afia Schwarzenegger mentioned false things about MzGee having private time with different famous people in the media world. One name she mentioned was MzGee's partner, who once led her at work.

But, Vim Lady, who watched carefully, thinks that even when adults do such acts, it isn't good to talk badly about their character. Vim Lady discussed this problem in a widely viewed video and wondered why some think they have the right to judge MzGee.

Vim Lady asked Medikal and his fans to share their thoughts calmly because working in entertainment involves both good and bad parts. 

Though she understands Medikal's opinion that Ghanaian reporters could speak positively about him like international ones, Vim Lady explained that MzGee did a great job hosting the show fairly.

Throughout her long career in journalism (over 20 years), Vim Lady knows that each piece of information may seem negative based on how it's told. Mistakes occur in reporting, too, just like everyday life. Guests need to focus on giving thoughtful answers during interviews.

Before, MzGee got insulted for asking unrelated questions during her chat with Medikal. Angered, Medikal posted critical comments online with help from Shatta Wale and Afia Schwarzenegger.

Despite this, MzGee published a statement on social media denying the lies about dating her past managers or coworkers. She promised to always work very hard and not let other people bring her success down. Her commitment proves she earned recognition and advancement.

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