Our rapper has travelled – Nigerian begs Lyrical Joe

An update has occurred in the heated rap fight between Ghana's Lyrical Joe and Nigeria's Dremo. 

Our rapper has travelled – Nigerian begs Lyrical Joe

A loyal Nigerian fan contacted Lyrical Joe with an audio message, urging him to stop the dispute as their own singer has gone away.

For some days now, people online, mainly on Twitter, have witnessed intense interactions among Ghanaians and Nigerians due to this musical clash featuring those two musicians. It all started when Dremo made negative remarks about Sarkodie in a diss song, leading Lyrical Joe to reply. Ever since, more diss tracks were shared from each artist's team.

Only moments ago, Lyrical Joe launched another diss song named "Femi Raymond." Many believe that Lyrical Joe already dominated the contest. Nevertheless, one devoted Nigerian admirer chose to reach out privately to Lyrical Joe, appealing to put an end to the issue as their performer isn't presently available.

Based on what the person said in the audio clip, their artist will likely make a comeback near Christmastime. Hoping for peace, they requested that Lyrical Joe refrain from making anymore insults until then, pointing out that their rapper would meet up with him again later to settle things.

With such unexpected twists unfolding, opinions regarding the quarrel may shift as one party seems open to defusing hostilities before welcoming back their main contender into the scene. 

Check out the exciting audio recording right here:


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