Fella Makafui wants to be like some women on TV – Medikal

Rapper Medikal speaks about his previous partner, Fella Makafui, and how she likes to follow what certain ladies on TV do. 

Fella Makafui wants to be like some women on TV – Medikal

Based on what Medikal said, Fella enjoys watching these females on TV and wants to be like them. She even follows their ways of living and acting.

Not too long ago, Medikal did not agree when Fella wished to have medical treatment to alter her appearance after having a baby. Still, Fella chose to go ahead with the operation since other popular people she knows had already done it.

These days, Medikal has used social media often because there was an issue involving him and his past wife, who remains staying in their joint house. 

As per Medikal, everything began when he requested Fella's family member (who stays with them) to leave their place.

In brief, Medikal chatted about Fella Makafui liking specific TV show ladies and trying to be like them. 

Furthermore, Medikal explained his view against Fella receiving surgery after childbirth and told everyone about the difficulties happening at their mutual home now.


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