CKay Drops Official Music For “Wahala” With Olamide

It's time to groove because Nigerian artist CKay just dropped the official music video for his catchy tune "Wahala," joined by famous musician Olamide.

CKay Drops Official Music For “Wahala” With Olamide

In only ten days after its launch on April 19th, people have streamed this song more than 3.1 million times on many platforms. Plus, it made it to number 10 on the Official Afrobeats Chart in the United Kingdom and secured the 21st place on the Billboard Afrobeats list.

Ahmed Mosh, an acclaimed movie director who has teamed up with CKay before on songs like "Emiliana," "Mmadu," and "Nwayi," led the creation of the "Wahala" music video. Filled with gorgeous scenes from exotic locations, amazing dances, and lovely African ladies, the video will take you to a dreamy island escape.

To come up with the idea for the video, CKay shared that he intended to emphasize how beautiful African women are and give fans an engaging setting to enjoy the cheerful beat. As he explained, "I want my music to make you feel something special, and I hope these images help bring out those emotions even more."

As top musicians from Africa, CKay and Olamide coming together again strengthens CKay's increasing impact on the Afrobeats music scene. 

Previously successful tracks like "Love Nwantiti" and "Felony" helped establish his reputation internationally. Now, with every new release, including "Wahala," CKay proves that he is among Nigeria's brightest rising stars in music.

Don't miss out - put on your dancing shoes, watch the video, and don't forget to tell your pals about it too! Have fun watching the "Wahala" music video by CKay and Olamide.


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