Chef Smith's Former Life as a Prophet Revealed in New Details

Chef Smith has been in the news lately because he lied about trying to set a world record for cooking non-stop for the longest time. 

Chef Smith's Former Life as a Prophet Revealed in New Details

People are making fun of him and looking into his past since this action brought him attention and money.

Some folks who know or have met Smith before shared only bad stories about him. For instance, a lady said on social media that when they worked together, the chef dated a woman he called his aunt. 

Moreover, she claimed that Smith used to date married ladies in different spots like the kitchen and restroom.

Previously, this same lady stated that Smith wasn't a nice person. Now, it appears that she was right all along and feels satisfied with being proven correct.

Another thing discovered about Smith is that he once pretended to speak for God. An invitation to a spiritual gathering showed that he led a church named Fountaingate Chapel. 

Social media users saw this ad and wondered what kind of person Smith truly is. Check out the picture below:

People continue talking about Smith because of these new findings. His actions may affect his popularity, so we must wait and see what happens next.


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