I never proposed to my wife - Patapaa

In 2021, music artist Patapaa wedded his sweetheart, Liha Miller, from Germany. Sadly, their marriage ended soon after, and they divided for more than two years.

I never proposed to my wife - Patapaa

Although questioned before, Patapaa avoided discussing problems in his marriage. Recently, however, while speaking with Angel TV, Patapaa admitted that they planned to separate.

Unlike others might assume, Patapaa does not feel sad since he never promised love to Liha initially. Instead, she contacted him through someone they both knew. As a result, Patapaa thinks there aren't strong feelings attached to the breakup.

Presently, even if they want to part ways, Patapaa keeps wearing his wedding band as a mark of regard for the law. Their marriage remains undissolved in the eyes of the court.

On the other hand, Liha stays in touch with Patapaa's relatives regarding their marital concerns. She clarified that her reason for visiting Ghana went beyond meeting Patapaa alone.

To sum up, Patapaa and Liha seek to formally end their marriage. Despite its impact, Patapaa seems fine thanks to how things unfolded between them earlier on.


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