Efia Odo Criticizes the 'Kiki' Challenge as Disrespectful to Christianity

Efia Odo, a famous person on social media in Ghana, has spoken against the Kiki Challenge. She thinks it is gross and wrong to use Christianity and churches for this challenge. People can dress however they want, but they should not involve religion.

The Kiki Challenge started with dancing to a song by Drake. Now, people make different kinds of videos related to it. Some even pretend to be religious leaders or places. Many people disagree with this and think it is not right.

A video showing ladies holding Bibles in church clothes and later switching to skimpy outfits caused anger among viewers. Efia Odo said the challenge should respect religions and beliefs.

This situation raises questions about what is acceptable in social media challenges, especially those connected to delicate matters like faith. 

Though some enjoy participating in the Kiki Challenge, others find it upsetting due to misuse of religious images. It's important to consider everyone's thoughts and maintain respect for each other's values.


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