All Eyes on Fella Makafui as she Enjoys Her Time in the US with Friends - Reactions from Fans

Fella Makafui, a popular actress and movie maker, has caused quite a buzz on social media lately. 

All Eyes on Fella Makafui as she Enjoys Her Time in the US with Friends - Reactions from Fans

While visiting America, she posted pics of herself wearing revealing clothes. It seems like she wants her former spouse, Medikal, to notice her again. But many people think she should let go and stop trying.

To provide some background, Fella and Medikal's relationship became very famous because of lots of drama around their breakup. They even talked about their personal matters in front of the media. 

Recently, Medikal mentioned that Fella got mad at him when he asked his relative to leave his house. Since they are related through family, Medikal didn't want to make things public. However, he believes the problem has become too big to keep quiet any longer.

As per Medikal, Fella thought he was dating other women, so she broke into his place suddenly, causing damage and hurting him. 

Although he suffered from her actions, Medikal chose not to fight back. Instead, he requested help from nearby cops to escort Fella off his property gently. Here is what happened according to Medikal:

"When I lived near Caterpillar Junction in East Legon, Fella came over the fence unexpectedly and went straight to my room. She accused me of spending time with different ladies. That day, I hung out with my buddies and played video games. Upset, she tossed my drink, bashed my head using a coffee mug, wrecked my gaming console and TV, spoiled my computer that we use in my music studio, and kept hitting my head using a wire hanger. Even though I felt hurt, I decided not to react physically and instead phoned the police close by to come and take Fella away quietly."

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